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Eldan Cosmetics Ireland

Travel Kit Age Control

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The Travel Kit is an integrated set of three skincare essentials.

Find what’s needed in your travel skincare routine with this travel kit. Enclosed with Cleansing Gel, Serum and Moisturizer from Eldan Cosmetics skincare collections, to keep skin healthy no matter the climate.


What’s Included:

IDRACALM Cleansing Gel: The gel gently, yet effectively removes impurities and make-up from the skin without disturbing the hydro-lipid layer.

Age Control Serum: A sophisticated serum with Botanical Stem Cells of the Swiss Apple Tree. Effectively combats the first signs of skin aging thanks to its ability to transport beneficial components into the deep layers of the epidermis and moisturize cells from the inside.

Age Control Cream: An extraordinary formula that combines Botanical Stem Cells with highly restructuring ingredients specifically designed to combat the noxious effects of stress, fatigue and pollution.

Complete your skincare routine with Eldan Cosmetics. These little beauties will transform the way you holiday with healthy, glowing skin.