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Eldan Cosmetics Ireland


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A soft hydrating cream for normal, fair and slightly sensitive skin. It helps to protect the skin and cell DNA with its hydrating and soothing action. UVA and UVB filters work with ectoine, panthenol, and extracts of pomegranite and watermelon to protect the skin from damage from the sun and free radicals, leading to a lasting, uniform tan.

Easily absorbed, leaving the skin soft, hydrated and radiant.

Apply to face and body generously and evenly before sun exposure; repeat application several times during the day, particularly after swimming or perspiration. Avoid lengthy exposure to the sun during the hottest hours of the day.

Top ingredients:

Panthenol: moisturizing
Vitamin E: anti-oxidant
Vitamin C: anti-oxidant
Ectoin: anti-age, protective
Pomegranate extract: anti-oxidant
UV filter: protective
Isomerate saccharide: moisturizing, lenitive
Watermelon extract : protective
Titanium dioxide: protective