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Pure and non sensitising whitening concentrate treatment. Progressively fades out brown spots, age spots, freckles and clarifies skin discolouration.

Apply drop-wise, avoiding eye contour area evenly on face, neck and décolleté with fingertips after cleansing and toning. Always apply the UV PERFECT CREAM after use.

Note: a minimum of two applications per day is recommended. The application must be regular and prolonged as the results can only be seen after repeated treatments.

Top ingredients:

Panthenol: soothing, moisturizing
Titanium dioxide: opacifying
Vitamin PP: stimulating, brightening
Vitamin E: anti-oxidant
Arbutin (from uva ursi): brightening
Sodium hyaluronate: moisturizing
Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate: brightening
Resveratrol: brightening

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