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Eldan Cosmetics Ireland


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Highly intensive concentrate with pure Vitamin C suitable to all kind of skin and at every age; it helps to fight the major causes of the early ageing of the skin, repairs the damages caused by the over-exposition to the sun and protects from the air pollution. Vitamin C protects the skin against appearance of age spots, by clarifyng, hydratating and protecting it.

Pull a small quantity of the product on your face and neck and massage untill it is fully absorbed.

Important: when opened, the bottle has to be used within 4/5 days.

Top ingredients:

Pure Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) : anti-oxidant
Vitamin A: regenerating
Vitamin E: anti-oxidant
Vitamin B6: stimulating
Vitamin PP: stimulating
Oenothera oil : emollient
Avocado oil: emollient
Orange extract : anti-oxidant
Panthenol: moisturizing, soothing
Sodium hyaluronate : moisturizing
Ginseng extract: soothing/tonifying