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Eldan Cosmetics Ireland


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Fruit Mask is a fresh mask enriched with high-tolerance active ingredients to provide instant relief for skin affected by discomfort and tightness. Specifically formulated for sensitive skin types,
reduces irritation and redness while strengthening against environmental aggressors that irritate your skin.

Combination of botanical extracts, ensures cells function to the highest standard, while reducing oxidative stress. Meanwhile, a powerfully moisturising Witch Hazel Hydrolate, Blueberry Extract, Cucumber extract and Irish Moss (Red Algae) rebuild the skin’s protective barrier and deeply hydrate the skin. Mallow Extract supports regeneration and Linden Hydrolate extract soothes sensitivity. Chamomile Extract and Butcher's Root Extract strengthen capillaries and reduce inflammation.

Spread generously over face. May be used on eye area, neck and décolleté. Rinse with tepid water after fifteen minutes and pat dry.