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Eldan Cosmetics Ireland


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An effective body sculpting treatment that targets cellulite unaesthetisms and reduce orange-peel aspect. At least twice a day, apply on the areas to treat with massage movements until completely absorbed.

Apply to the areas you intend to shape twice a day (morning and evening) for a month at least, then reduce application. Massage gently until completely absorbed.

Top ingredients:

Bentonite, Avocado extract, Shea Butter extract: firming complex
Escin: soothing, stimulating
Panthenol: moisturizing/soothing
Caffeine: microcirculation stimulator
Shea butter: nourishing
Sweet almond oil: emollient
Wheat germ oil: emollient
Cola acuminata seed extract: stimulating/tonifying
Vitamin A: regenerating
Vitamin E: anti-oxidant
Centella asiatica extract : soothing